The Mission exists where Jesus name hasn't been heard.




In the year in which the Before the Throne celebrates 20 years, the DT Mission is born with the purpose of enhancing the various actions that the church accomplishes in obedience to the call of God during its history. Led by our Pastors João Osmar and Lylian Abucater,  Mission DT intends to take the worship of Jesus to the ends of the earth.


A Christian author wrote that there is only a Mission because there is still no Adoration of Jesus in many places in the world. Many nations do not worship Jesus because they have never heard of Him! The DT Mission aims to join your voice to the voice of many other Christians so that the knowledge of the glory of God fills the earth as the waters cover the sea.


Camylla Honório

I dreamt and prayed for this moment to come, since I became aware of the project Mission DT had in India, something began to burn inside me, a love for this place I had never thought to feel. But I never imagined how this experience would be, and I can say that it was much better than I imagined.


India made me see how I really did not know myself completely.

India took me out of a box full of egocentrism in which I lived for 26 years, not knowing what was going on outside the world and mostly not knowing much of what was happening inside of me. The truth is that we get used to our comfortable life, our lack of needs. We talk so much about humility, love for others, but the truth is that we do not know what we really are until we put all this to the test. As much as I have lived in different countries, nothing will ever compare with the cultural shock that India brought me. Everything is different, from the simplest to the most complex. I was put to the test and I could really see a fight inside me, because while my head wanted to live all that culture there was something in me that writhes wanting to complain, wanting to refuse, wanting to judge customs so different from what I am accustomed. I ate curry, I ate several kinds of peppers, sitting on the floor, eating with my hand but with my heart so full of gratitude that I no longer remembered that I hated everything with curry and especially with Pepper. I saw the misery up close, I saw like a blue sky is needed on a sunny day. We were intent in some way to be able to help a project that takes children out of deplorable situations, and scarcely knew that in fact we were more blessed than blessed. These girls have had their childhood ruined and yet they treated us with contagious love, with deep smiles and intense looks, something that we had never really imagined living. I came back from India with a feeling of gratitude so immense that it does not fit inside me. I learned to be grateful for things so small that I never gave value, things that I never cared about. India has changed so much in me, opened my eyes and made me see a reality outside my box and an incomparable love.


Luara Carvalho

I came back from India!

Damn! When I left London, I thought, "What am I going to do in India?", my answer did not come on the first day (Friday), but rather on Saturday at the end of the day. After a long trip, with several problems, several stories to tell, we went to meet the Mission project DT and to my surprise, I discovered that I love India.

It was not because of the beauty of the city, even because it lacks beauty and it only has dirt, it was not for the food, the culture or the time, I discovered that I love India because of 14 girls. 14 girls who at an early stage of life experienced what the world has most cruel and that I could never bear, I could not stand in their place and I came to respect and admire children who could be my daughters. They were born in a 'men' society, which devalues ​​the woman, who treats the woman as a commodity and who sell them for not seeing value. I arrived with the expectation of finding frightened girls and soon the first day, I was surprised with an unimaginable love, they loved me as if no one had ever hurt them. It was there, on each girl's face, that I saw the face of my Creator, I saw Jesus emblazoned in their embrace, they taught me the real motive of Jesus to say "children come to me, for these are the kingdoms of the heavens" , I understood there the purest and most genuine meaning of a love that was expressed in the cross and paid with blood. I was thinking that I would teach and minister, I left there learning and being ministered. These girls who were abandoned, abused and mistreated know more about love than I did not even spend 5% of what they spent. They taught me forgiveness in the purest sense of the word. Because if today they can smile, it is because they have forgiven and taken from their lives a curse that could haunt them for the rest of their lives. I returned home knowing that there are no limits to the love of God, limit to my love for my neighbour. 

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My experience in India was something supernatural, I was so impacted by what I saw and felt that it is difficult to put into words ... To begin with, I thought I would find the girls in the project, children who were down with what they have lived in the past, but what we saw there were dear, cheerful, loving girls, well cared for by the project.

I was thinking that I would go there and teach various things to them, but on the contrary ... they gave us a lesson of love to others, compassion and gratitude. I could know something that I never thought to know in my life, a missionary work with people dedicated to love of neighbour, who give up their lives to take care of others, this is really what Jesus preached on the cross. My wish is that everyone could one day take a trip like this to get to know a project as beautiful as this one in India . May God raise up people to continue to keep this wonderful work.